About Us

Clay county native rock group, Suburban Clay, originated in 2012 with founding member Adam Leland and Jonathon Lankford. The band consist's of Adam Leland-Rhythm guitar and Lead vocals; Corey Bandrowsky-Lead guitarist/ backup vocals; and Jonathon Lankford-Drummer; Joe Smith-Bass.

Corey joined Suburban Clay in 2017 after meeting Adam in the United States Navy. Corey learned about Adam's similar passion for music while pursuing his own music through a solo project entitled C.Yondaze. Corey was impressed by the songs that Adam had been writing and agreed to join the group as their lead guitarist.

Joe joined Suburban Clay in 2019 after hearing the trio perform at The Roadhouse in Jacksonville. Joe had played shows and recorded music in a nu-metal, hard rock group entitled Fix and was looking to play music after the group parted ways. He was introduced to the group by Dianne and Jeff Nolan from Insane Entertainment and has become a crucial element of the group's heavy hitting sound.

Suburban Clay released their first self-titled Ep. in 2019 at Stay Tuned Studios with songs such as Way Beyond the Pines, Blown Away, Beside Myself and Whisky and Soda.

In 2022, Suburban Clay released their hard rock EP entitled "The Brig" at after winning a contest to record at Clay County's "In House Studios". Currently, Suburban Clay has been working with Sandy from Musician Institute in California to complete their first music video in 2023 !